May 18, 2024

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Affordable Clean Water: Tayo Olawoye Foundation To Partner With Osun Ministry of Water Resources

The passion to give humanity a better quality of life available has always been a strong drive for Tayo Olawoye Foundation. It is no more news that the good works the Foundation has started has not left out the United Nations’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In her bid to ensure the SDG Goal six (6) is active, applicable and accessible to her immediate society, Tayo Olawoye Foundation (TOF) met with the Honourable Commissioner for Water Resources and Management on the 10th of August 2023.

Hon. Sunday Olufemi Oroniyi, the Osun State Commisioner for water resources welcomes the team into his office for an official look out on how the ministry can work with the foundation in providing sensitization and adequate sanitized and affordable clean water for the people of Osun.

The Tayo Olawoye Fundation team present at the official meeting with the Honourable Commissioner were – The Co-Founder of Tayo Olawoye Foundation in the person of Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo Olawoye, the Project Director, Miss. Opeoluwa Olowookere, the Program Officer, Miss Adedoyin Awofala and the Admin officer Miss. Oluwalonimi Idris. Also, in the board room was the amiable water regulatory Body Chairman of the Ministry.

The meeting was officially started by the Hon. Commissioner who attested to the fact that his attention was caught by the Foundation’s passion for women and children who are mostly affected by the lack of access to good and adequate water supply.
A lot of benefits awaits the People of Osun as Tayo Olawoye Foundation and The ministry of Water Resources and Management are planning to work closely to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal six (6) which brought about these targets:

Making available a detailed research on Water maintenance and provision in the 30 Local Government of Osun State.
Due to basic research in some communities by Tayo Olawoye Foundation research team, it was discovered that one in three people live without access to good and quality water supply. Our research which covered a place like Ofatedo in Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State, where we were able to find out that some pipes were vandalized and the community struggles to get water. Making good research is important for achieving the SDG goal six (6). Therefore, the Foundation will be engaging in a research work partnering with the ministry to identify areas in Osun State that are affected.

Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation in areas where there is lack.
Another major detrimental issue is that where water is available, they are not well sanitized for drinking or other usage. This is causing unnecessary diseases and death. Although huge strides have been made with access to clean drinking water by the government, lack of adequate sanitation is undermining these advances. However, with affordable equipment and sensitization on hygiene practices, we can stop this senseless suffering and loss of life.

Having a reasonable proportion of the population using safely managed drinking water services
From the part of the Ministry of Water Resources under the Honorable Commisioner Sunday Olufemi Oroniyi and the entire administration of the present Osun State Government, under the leadership of Governor Ademola Adeleke, have been making and are still making sure that the water resources cooporation and management are resuscitated as expected and working effectively for proper management of these water resources. Infact, this move has already resuscitated seven (7) out of thirty (30) Schemes under the Water Ministry which has been left unattended for some time now.

Sensitization against vandalizing and mismanagement of water pipes and resources provided by the government.
Campaign against vandalizing and mismanagement of the Government water facilities will also be put in place by Tayo Olawoye Foundation and the Ministry of Water Resources in the thirty (30) Local Government areas of Osun state.
Further, the Osun Water Project targeted at providing relief materials to orphange homes in Osun state was brought up by the co-founder that led the team, Mrs. oluwafunmilayo Olawoye as she briefed the Commissioner of the importance of the project for the people of Osun State. Responding to the proposal, Honourable Sunday Olufemi Oroniyi reassures the team that he is passionate about women and children because they are the ones mostly affected by lack of access to good and sanitized water hence he is ready to work hand in hand with Tayo Olawoye Foundation to bring such project into reality.

However, the Honourable Commissioner for Water Resources was highly impressed by the move of Tayo Olawoye Foundation and said he would love that the foundation continue in her humanitarian service and passion to achieve the SDG of providing good and sanitized water for the people of Osun State.