November 29, 2023

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Engr. Bello: The man who drives Adeleke’s infrastructural renewal agenda

By: Adewale Taofeek

Recognizing the readiness and professionalism of the Ministry of works headed by the Permanent Secretary Engr. Bashir Idowu Bello in the ongoing road construction across osun state.

As the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke approaches its seventh month, one sector that has greatly been transformed across the state is road infrastructure. During the electioneering campaign, both in 2018 and 2022, the then governorship candidate Senator Ademola Adeleke never hide his displeasure at the gory state of road networks across the state and promised to address it given the importance of good road networks to delivering other indices of development.

True to his words and barely after settling into office, Governor Adeleke began moves to address the state infrastructure deficit in road construction despite the humongous debt inherited from the past administration and lack of proper handling-over from the hostile past government.

To achieve this revolution and in line with his campaign promises that most of his projects are going to be indigenously implemented, in other words he is going to prioritize ‘direct labor’ system of project implementation where possible, Governor Ademola Adeleke needed someone to drive this revolution from the Ministry of works, someone who is a thorough professional with experience and readiness to actualize this dream.

The former director of Highway and now the Permanent Secretary, Osun state Ministry of works, Engr. B.I. Bello has been supportive of this lofty dream of His Excellency and has been at the forefront of driving this revolution with his professional and exemplary supervision skills and management acumen.

As recently stated by the state government, this administration has constructed more than 31km of roads across the state with at least 3km started and completed in each of the nine (9) federal constituencies in addition with ongoing 17km and more 30km soon to be commenced across the state, all being constructed via the ‘direct labor’ system.

What this means is that, for the first time in a long time, the state’s Ministry of Works got involved in the process of delivering good road networks against the usual procedure of awarding to “contractors” and the delivery is quality assured as evident in the output of the roads seen from personal inspection.

The Ministry of Work’s staffs and engineers under the leadership of Engr. B.I Bello supervised the roads construction at various sites across the state ensuring that the roads are constructed according to required measurement, and that the accompanied drainages were properly channeled to prevent erosion while the asphalt laying was done with precision.

For an observer, it is pleasantly refreshing that the Ministry under the leadership of Engr. Bello has keyed into the government’s vision of delivering quality infrastructure through ‘direct labor’ system to save cost and maximize the state’s potential while for Governor Ademola Adeleke, this cooperation will be a testimony to his administration’s continuous support for the welfare of the state Civil service.

Succinctly put, Engr. Bello has shown to be a worthy hand in driving the agenda of Governor Adeleke on quality roads delivery, and what this goes to tell us is that, Osun is in good hands.

Adewale Taofeek writes from Ward 4, Ilesha East LG, Osun state