May 18, 2024

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Group Lambastes Osun APC For Criticising Governor Adeleke’s Achievements

Our attention has just been drawn to a press statement released by Osun APC titled “How Ademola Carried His Lying Machine To House of God in Lagos”

Osun leadership Frum is not taken with such deceptive statement coming from Osun APC, tagging a good Governor like Governor Ademola Adeleke a liar without a cogent evidence is fallacious. A house of God is a place where people go to worship or to pray and not a place where people go to sell lies.

A Governor who visits Church to pray for himself and his people deserves accolades. Only a wise Governor like Ademola Adeleke could do that because he knows that it takes wisdom of God to deliver good governance and to triumph in life.

APC Criticism against Governor Ademola Adeleke according to their press statement is not different from a baby crying for a treasure lost to his friend. Governor Ademola Adeleke’s victory in the last governorship election was a huge blow to Osun APC and the impulse on their face can never be cured.

Osun Leadership Forum is assuring the good people of Osun that all the campaign promises made by Governor Ademola Adeleke will be fulfilled. Criticism and deceptive statements over this present administration by APC should be totally brushed off because they are loosers.

All Progressive Congress should be seen as a party that is full of lie and a negative reflection of what they claim that they represent because of their falure. The current fuel price hike speaks much of APC in Nigeria, If Osun APC members would be sincere enough, they seriously need to criticize the Federal Government on the present issue of fuel price hike that the country is battling with and stop criticizing Governor Ademola Adeleke that is performing well in his state.

Hon. Sola Makanjuola (Chairman)

Com. Oluwasanmi A. Olabisi (P.R.O/Spokesperson)