November 29, 2023

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“I commend Governor Adeleke for his transparent leadership style” – Sunday Bisi 

The Osun State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has commended Governor Ademola Adeleke for his transparent style of leadership in Osun State.

Speaking about the Maiden Edition of “Ìpàdé Ìmólè, the State Chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi said that this is the first time in 5 years that Osun Citizens are getting the stewardship report from the government and the first time in 13 years when an accountability program is held during the day and not when people are asleep.

“It’s worth noting that the last time an accountability program, where citizens could listen and watch during the day, was in effect was during the PDP’s tenure, marked by the “Gbagede Oro” initiative under the Oyinlola’s administration.”

“The reintroduction of such a program by Governor Adeleke renews faith in participatory governance, empowering citizens to make informed judgments about the government’s performance and contributions to their lives.”

“In a state where transparency and accountability have long been in demand, Osun State is now witnessing a groundbreaking change with the introduction of the “Ìpàdé Ìmólè”.

“For the first time in five years, Osun State citizens are being presented with a comprehensive report on the state’s progress and the government’s stewardship.”

“The “Ìpàdé Ìmólè” project embodies Governor Adeleke’s commitment to openness and accountability, striving to bridge the gap between the government and its people.”

“Governor Adeleke’s decision to reintroduce this initiative showcases his understanding of the vital role citizens play in the democratic process.”

“By providing regular updates and transparent reports on the state’s affairs, he is fostering a sense of trust and participation among the people, vital for a robust democracy.”

The “Ìpàdé Ìmólè” goes beyond a mere report. It symbolizes a departure from the past, where citizens were left uninformed and disconnected from the workings of the government.”

“This initiative invites citizens to hold their government accountable, fostering an atmosphere of engagement and cooperation that can drive development and progress.”

“Transparency has always been a cornerstone of good governance, and Governor Adeleke’s approach underscores this principle.”

“This can be further validated by the recent release of the BudgiT, ranking Osun State as the third most transparent state, lends credibility to Governor Adeleke’s dedication to transparency and good governance.”

“The state’s improved transparency not only boosts confidence among the populace but also sets a positive precedent for other states to follow.”

“By embracing openness and establishing a platform for regular updates, he sets a new standard for governance, one that places the interests and well-being of the citizens at the forefront.”

“This initiative serves as a stark contrast to the previous twelve years under the APC administration. During that period, the state was often run with a shroud of secrecy, and the government seemed disconnected from the concerns and needs of the populace.”

“The lack of transparency and openness stifled the ability of the people to hold the government accountable, hindering the state’s progress and development.”

“As Ìpàdé Ìmólè continues, it is imperative for the citizens to actively engage with the reports, provide constructive feedback, and participate in shaping the future of Osun State.”

“The success of this venture hinges on the collaboration and partnership between the government and its people, ultimately leading to a more accountable, responsible, and prosperous Osun State for all.”

Hon. Sunday Bisi
State Chairman, Osun State PDP
October 6th, 2023