September 29, 2023

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I was given N1m out of N2m Davido sent; they used N1m to buy coffin – Mohbad’s dad

In a viral video, Mohbad’s father eloquently outlined the expenditure of the generous 2 million naira gift bestowed upon him by Davido. He disclosed that a whopping 1 million naira was earmarked for the procurement of the late singer’s coffin, a revelation that left fans utterly astonished, their jaws dropping in disbelief.

Mohbad’s father has utterly flabbergasted fans on social media with the gripping account of how he used the generous 2 million naira gifted by the Afrobeats sensation, Davido, in the wake of his son’s tragic passing.

The late singer’s dad has granted a plethora of interviews, encompassing various aspects from his son’s poignant final moments, to the factors contributing to his demise, and the events following his funeral.

Joseph Ayoba, the father of the late Afro-street sensation Mohbad, has disclosed a financial twist that has left him with only 1 million naira out of the generous 2 million naira gifted by the renowned artist Davido during his son’s funeral.

For those with a memory lapse, the famous “Stand Strong” singer extended his heartfelt support by sending a substantial sum of 2 million naira to console Mr. Ayoba following the tragic loss of his son.

Mr. Ayoba explained that a substantial portion of the funds, precisely 1 million naira, was used by Mohbad’s friend, who goes by the name Da Rocha, to procure a coffin and manage the burial arrangements. However, Da Rocha returned a meager sum of 100,000 naira to Mr. Ayoba.

He further noted that, since that time, none of his son’s friends have been in contact, with the exception of Da Rocha, who only returned the modest 100,000 naira out of the originally provided 1 million.

Fans, upon stumbling upon the video, have voiced their thoughts and marveled at the expenditure and apparent mismanagement of the 2 million naira during the singer’s funeral.