April 15, 2024

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Ifon-Orolu Youth Ambassador Refutes Allegations Regarding Selection of New Olufon

In response to recent protests and allegations regarding the selection of a new Olufon in Ifon-Orolu, the Youth Ambassador for Ifon-Orolu wishes to address the public and provide clarity on the matter.

Contrary to claims of irregularities, the selection process of Prince Oluwole Peter Akinyooye as the new Olufon was conducted with utmost transparency and adherence to due process. The election, which resulted in the emergence of Prince Oluwole Peter Akinyooye as the Oba-Elect, was meticulously recorded on video, ensuring accountability and fairness.

It is disheartening to note that few individuals, driven by ulterior motives, have attempted to sow discord and disrupt the peace of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom. We condemn any effort to delegitimize the rightful selection of Prince Oluwole Peter Akinyooye through false accusations and misinformation.

Governor Ademola Adeleke’s recent visit to Ifon-Orolu Kingdom underscores the legitimacy of Prince Oluwole Peter Akinyooye’s selection. The governor directly engaged with the community, affirming that the kingmakers were responsible for the election of the new Olufon.

Furthermore, all contestants involved in the election willingly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), pledging to uphold the outcome of the process. This commitment demonstrates the collective agreement and acceptance of Prince Oluwole Peter Akinyooye as the rightful ruler of Ifon-Orolu.

We categorically refute any insinuations of foul play and urge the public to disregard baseless allegations aimed at tarnishing the integrity of the selection process. The Ifon-Orolu Youth Ambassador remains steadfast in promoting peace, unity, and respect for tradition within the community.

It is our collective responsibility to safeguard the harmony and stability of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom against the disruptive actions of a few misguided individuals. We call upon all stakeholders to support the legitimate leadership of Prince Oluwole Peter Akinyooye and work together towards the progress and prosperity of our cherished community.

Mr. Kazeem kunle
For Ifon-Orolu Youth Ambassador