May 18, 2024

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March Salary is to Be Paid alongside Promotion Arrears – Osun Government

The government of Osun state has attributed delay in the payment of March salary to ongoing computation of promotion arrears of civil servants promoted without pay in the last four years.

According to a statement issued on Friday, “the compilation of what is due to each promoted officer is followed with due diligence to ensure that there is no error in the eventual payment.

“Governor Ademola Adeleke has directed that compilation, analysis and computation of the promotion arrears should be completed and paid to the affected civil servants. That payment His Excellency insisted must be made alongside the March salary.

“Osun state Government therefore wishes to reassure Osun workers that the payment of March salary is accompanied with payment of promotion arrears, hence the few days delay.

“The March salary alongside the promotion arrears of promoted civil servants will be ready next week”, the statement concluded.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the Executive Governor