November 29, 2023

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May 29: 4 Things Tinubu Will Do First After Inauguration

As the administration of Bola Tinubu will be inaugurated on Monday, 29th May, 2023, he (Tinubu) is likely to make some 4 major steps on his resumption to the office of the presidency from Monday.

Relocation to the presidential villa
The first thing Tinubu is expected to do on Monday after swearing-in at the Eagles Square is to move straight to the presidential villa. As president-elect, he was moved to the Defence House in Abuja, where he reportedly received some presidential treatments ahead of his inauguration.

On getting to the presidential villa, the new president is expected to receive briefings from all the ministries and departments on the same Monday. Although he was reported to be receiving some briefings at the Defence House but not as much as he would on Monday.

Appointment of cabinet members
As a new president, Tinubu is expected to announce the appointment of some cabinet members, not necessarily ministers. Examples of cabinet members Tinubu is expected to announce on Monday include his media aides, and Chief of Staff to mention a few.

Meeting Aso Rock Staff
Tinubu is one politician that likes to build bridges, not only with the upper classes but the little ones in the lower class. Based on the kind of person he is, Tinubu is likely to consider meeting the lower staff of the presidential villa as one of his priorities irrespective of the challenges ahead.