April 15, 2024

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No court has stopped holding our congresses, says Osun PDP chair 

Ahead of the forthcoming Ward, Local and State Congresses of the Peoples Democratic Party, Osun State Chapter slated for this month of April, 2023, the Osun Party has called on its members to conduct themselves peacefully and keep within the rules of the Party, assuring them of fairness, transparency and inclusiveness in the conduct of the congresses.

The Party in a statement issued in Osogbo on Sunday by its State Caretaker Chairman, Dr. Adekunle Akindele disclosed this, saying that no court has stopped the holding of the congresses and that all members in the outstanding Wards where congresses would hold will be fully carried along, as well as all the relevant stakeholders and delegates in the Local and State Congresses of the Party.

Dr. Akindele further clarified that the provisions of the Constitution of the party as well as the provisions of the Electoral Act, 2022 are clear about conduct of congresses, alluding to the fact that the congresses are to elect the constitutional leadership of the Party as required by the Constitution of Nigeria which is purely a domestic affair of the party that abhors any external influence.

“Members of the Peoples Democratic Party in the outstanding Wards where congresses would hold across Osun State are enjoined to uphold the tenets of democratic sportsmanship, fairness and openness, while all relevant stakeholders and delegates without any exception will be given a say in electing the Local and State executive leadership of the Party in the forthcoming congresses. I encourage all our members to keep within the bounds of the rule of the party and should endeavour refrain from engaging in any act capable of sabotaging the progress of the party or exposing the party to ridicule and opprobrium. The party has working internal rules and machinery for ironing out all differences which members are free to explore”, the statement noted.

The Caretaker Chairman therefore calls for understanding among members, cautioning that the focus of the Party in the State as of now is to come out clean and unscathed from its congresses in order to provide the necessary support for the Governor in the discharge of his constitutional responsibilities to the State, and also to support and hold the base for all the elected candidates of the party at the last general elections in the discharge of their legislative duties.

Dr. Adekunle Akindele
Osun PDP Caretaker Chairman.