July 19, 2024

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OPINION: Harsh economy and OHIS option for your health

The prevailing economic situation has given rise to a raging question about access to quality healthcare. Rising costs of normal day-to-day necessities like food and transportation mean that for many, there is not as much money left to take care of their health. And to compound the problem is the astronomical increase in the cost of drugs and medicare, putting a lot of people in dilemma on how to meet their healthcare needs.

Of course, this is a troubling situation and will most definitely trigger the wave of concerns that funding healthcare at a time like this has provoked. But looking broadly, especially in Osun state, there is an option available for the people to explore for qualitative healthcare. And this is not something complex or requiring much effort to do, yet, it is a definite answer to the question of accessing healthcare.

What could this be? I’m sure that would be the question raging your mind. But the the answer is in plain sight, although, only a few people pay attention to it. This is no other but the OHIS, a simple and comprehensive healthcare coverage for the people.

OHIS is a short form for the Osun Health Insurance Scheme, and in a real sense, it offers a lifetime opportunity to prospective subscribers to enjoy qualitative healthcare. OHIS was established in Osun state in 2018 and structured to avail individuals and families with a partner that shares the burden of their healthcare needs with them. Yes, you heard me right, a partner or maybe, a buddy that is tasked with getting you the healthcare needs you deserve.

The good thing about this partnership is that it is reliable, dependable, and extremely cheap. Yet, OHIS shares the substantial costs of funding your healthcare, totally eliminating the pressure of healthcare on subscribers. To put things in the right perspective, OHIS will bear the burden of at least 90% of your healthcare costs at any given time, while you pay for the balance 10%.

Let us, for instance, assume that the cost of a caesarian operation is N300,000, then what an active subscriber on the OHIS plan will be required to pay will not exceed N30,000 in any registered medical center while the OHIS pays the balance of N270,000. And this does not stop with medical bills, but the coverage of OHIS extends to the cost of drugs, which just like medical bills, will only cost subscribers 10% of the total cost.

This sounds incredible yet unbelievable. But this is just a minute of the extent of support that the OHIS avails its subscribers in the area of accessing qualitative healthcare. Once you are a subscriber, you are open to an unimaginable cover against the burdening financial cost required to get the best of healthcare.

The impressive thing about this is that the healthcare plan offered by the OHIS is all-encompassing, meaning that all strata of society can benefit from it and a wide range of health issues is covered. Whether you’re in the formal or the informal sector; educated or illiterate; the rich and the poor; fit or physically challenged, there is always a plan for you to enjoy a qualitative healthcare service alongside members of your family.

All that is required to unlock the immense benefits that the OHIS offers is to pick up a subscription by visiting any of its offices across Osun state or its headquarters in the State Secretariat, Osogbo. The subscription is structured to accommodate all social classes of people to ensure that no one is left behind. As an individual, you can enjoy the benefit of a qualitative healthcare service for a whole year at the sum of N12,066. Yes, you are not mistaken, with N12,066.00 you can enjoy an all-year-round healthcare service through the OHIS.

With N57,600, a family of six can get the benefit of good healthcare for a whole year on the family package. This means that the father, mother, and four biological children or legally adopted under the age of 18 years will be covered by the OHIS plan for one year that the subscription will last. Isn’t that incredible?

What the above simply pointed out is that, while maintaining your health could be costly, the OHIS is offering to share in the burden just to ensure you stay healthy. As an enrollee, you will no longer have to worry about how to handle the bill for your health needs or any of your family members included as a beneficiary for basic ailment, because the OHIS got you covered.

There is one aspect of OHIS that some may still not get. Through OHIS, corporate bodies, organizations, and wealthy individuals can support a lot of people in accessing qualitative healthcare services. All they need to do is to pay the premium for the targeted beneficiaries, and they will contribute to the healthy living of the people, which will improve economic activities.

Even the diasporans can explore the OHIS option to provide parents, siblings, relatives, and friends with the healthcare coverage that guarantees them of quality healthcare service at any point of need. It could be a form of empowerment or a safeguard from the pressure that comes from funding health challenges, but what is certain from the OHIS healthcare coverage subscription is that it is the surest bet to achieving good health without the burden of cost.

At the moment, the OHIS is in partnership with up to 432 healthcare facilities across Osun state. The list of healthcare facilities is comprised of 332 focal primary healthcare facilities, 17 public healthcare facilities inclusive of the University of Osun Teaching Hospital formerly known as LAUTECH, and 82 accredited private healthcare facilities. What this means is that wherever you are in Osun state, you will be able to access the services offered by the OHIS.

• Sarafa Ibrahim writes from Osogbo, Osun State.