April 15, 2024

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Orolu @ 27: Aare-Musulumi call for Vision, Unity and Development

Celebrating the 27th year of Orolu Local Government in Ifon-Osun is not merely an anniversary; it is a moment of reflection and a call for renewed dedication to the development of this historic town. As I, Aare Engr. Prince Alhaji Isiaq Olajide Olarinde (FNSE), the Aare-Musulumi of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom, lead this celebration, my focus extends beyond festivity to urge community leaders, youths, religious figures, political actors, and elite to prioritize Orolu’s developmental agenda, fostering economic growth and unity among its diverse population.

Historical Significance and Commendable Leadership, The establishment of Orolu Local Government, with its headquarters in Ifon-Orolu land, unfolded 27 years ago under the visionary leadership during the reign of Late Oba Zakariyahu Olatoye Ilufemiloye Orisatoyinbo II (JP). reigned as the 33rd Olufon of Ifon Oroluland and President of Orolu/Irepodun Traditional Council was instrumental in shaping the destiny of Orolu.

Call for Commitment, As the Aare-Musulumi I passionately emphasize the need for unwavering commitment from community leaders, religious figures, youths, political actors, and elite towards Orolu’s developmental goals. The town’s rich cultural and historical roots deserve preservation and enhancement through strategic policies and projects.

Economic Growth and Agricultural Heritage; Ifon-Orolu particularly boasts a significant agricultural heritage, being a food basket of Osun State. The Obada Market (OJA OLUFON) stands as a testament to the town’s prowess in offering fresh agricultural products which is visited every three (3) and five (5) says. I urge individuals, investors, corporate organizations, as well as state and federal governments to invest heavily in Ifon-Orolu’s agriculture sector and tourist industry. Strategic investments aligned with the town’s strengths will contribute to progress and economic efficiency.

Unity as a Catalyst for Progress, unity is paramount for meaningful development. I emphasize the necessity of unity among the peace-loving people of Ifon-Orolu and neighboring communities. Setting aside political differences and personal interests will pave the way for effective governance, community projects, and overall advancement.

Human Resources Development

Investing in human resources is crucial for sustainable growth. Initiatives focusing on education, skill development, and healthcare will empower the people of Ifon-Orolu. A well-educated and healthy population serves as an asset propelling the community towards progress.

Inclusive Policies for Empowerment

I call on philanthropists and both local and state governments to work collaboratively on inclusive policies. Regardless of background or status, every son and daughter of Ifon-Orolu should have equal opportunities to contribute to the town’s development. Inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens the social fabric of the community.

As the 27th anniversary of Orolu Local Government Ifon-Osun serves as a reminder of the journey traveled and the road ahead, I extend a plea to the Governor of Osun State, His Excellency Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke, to include Ifon-Orolu in his agricultural projects, recognizing its potential to contribute significantly to the state’s IGR through the agricultural sector.

In closing, my commitment to economic growth, unity, and human resources development echoes the aspirations of a community poised for greatness. As Orolu evolves, may it do so with the collective determination and cooperation of its people, ensuring a future that honors its rich heritage and propels it towards prosperity.

Aare Engr Prince Alhaji Isiaq Olajide Olarinde
Aare-Musulumi of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom