May 18, 2024

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Osun govt. dispels rumour of rift between the Executive and Judiciary 

OSOGBO – The attention of the Osun State Government has been drawn to a false alarm by an agent of the All Progressive Congress(APC) in person of Mr. Yomi Aliu, SAN, who has turned himself into an unsolicited trumpet and a puppet of the Osun state Chief Judge.

It is not surprising of Mr. Aliu to have cooked up a false story. It is customary of him, the same way he did during the Osun governorship election petition. He had raised a fake alarm and unjustifiable insinuation that there was a serious security threat in the State. This nonetheless turned out to be unfounded.

It is unfortunate that a supposed learned senior Lawyer can go that low on the path of propaganda and unnecessary sensation without exercising any iota of decorum and dignity.

For the sake of clarity, the present administration enjoys a very warm and harmonious relationship with the Judiciary as against the pseudo acrimony being peddled by Mr Aliu.

Governor Adeleke is paying special attention to the welfare of judicial officers in the state as against the ridicule to which the past administration unleashed on the judges by irregular non payment of their arrears of allowances and by not attending to the pecuniary benefits of the retired judges.

Members of the public need to be informed that there is no controversy on the processes of disengagement or otherwise even with respect to the old and new law on the retirement age for judges of superior courts. All insinuations in the hatchet job are false and figments of imagination of the propagandist.

Governor Adeleke as a due process leader is committed to full observance of the law without fear or favour and with due reference to impartial application for retirement or extension of tenure of public officials.

Mr Aliu is cautioned on his constant false alarm and his phantom claim of constitutional crisis in Osun when there is none at all. The Judicial Service Commission is an executive body and its staff are appointees and employees of the executive. Therefore, it is indecent of Mr Aliu to unduly meddle in the running of affairs of the government.

The controversial senior Lawyer is known for propaganda and undue sensation as a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC). He is therefore to be ignored and not given any serious attention.

He is also warned not to drag our noble Chief Judge into his infamous political agenda. In Osun state, all arms of government are in deep harmony for the good of the state.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the Executive Governor