November 29, 2023

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Osun People Have Rejected You, Your Party – PDP Lambastes Basiru

The ruling party in Osun State, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has advised the defeated Osun Central Senatorial Candidate in the 2023 general elections, Ajibola Basiru, to cease entertaining illusions of his party’s return to governance in the state.

In a press release from the party’s Media Unit, the State Chairman of the ruling party, Hon. Sunday Bisi, labeled Basiru’s statement as a fallacious illusion that is far from reality in Osun now or in any foreseeable future.

“Basiru’s statement overlooks the commendable progress and positive transformations in Osun State under Governor Adeleke’s administration, after the good people of Osun emphatically discarded him and his useless tissues of political misfits, whose sole business was to loot and destroy the state”

“It is evident that Basiru is still reeling from the shock of his rejection in the elections. His recent statement only reaffirms his current state of heartache, ensnaring him in a colorless dream.

In sane climes, empty parrots like Basiru have no business in governance as all he dreams was to use political office as a tool of oppression and garrulous showoffs. That is why his assertions are often off-track, self-serving, and patently irrational.

In Osun Central alone, Basiru should come around and compare the realities of the PDP government’s impact on the life of the populace to that of his APC’s era of wheelbarrow and clipsed solar light.

“For the first time in 13 years and in less than a year of PDP administration, Osun State is witnessing a semblance of responsible and empathic governance. Governor Adeleke has steered the state towards sustainable development in road infrastructure, upscaled healthcare, revamped education, and unprecedented water provision among many people-oriented strides. All these are being achieved in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability, away from the bossy and looting style of the past.

“The Governor has taken the initiative in keeping the public well-informed about the workings of the government as required in a democratic setting. Funds are being judiciously utilized for the good of the people contrary to ego massaging Administration of APC. Osun people are the kings in democracy and that pride of place remains non-negotiable.

” Yes, we are not unaware that Basiru is habitually inclined to politics of poverty in order to keep the people down to his apron of oppression, which he has enjoyed over time as an ungrateful opportunist. However, Osun people have since scaled up their taste bud against such a sad period of their history and they will not go back to it.

“Basiru’s assertions regarding APC’s resurgence to power in 2026 revealed his deficiency in grasping with the current state of affairs in Osun. His disregard for the ongoing positive transformations in the state further highlights his detachment from the needs and aspirations of the populace.”

“The financial quagmire he and his party inflicted on the state during their better forgotten years of economic horror, which brought untold hardship in the land, is now being steadily tackled with many SMEs opening up again from brinks of hapless collapse.

“Instead of advocating for a return to power, it would be prudent for Basiru to humbly seek forgiveness from the people even if he lacks the moral stamina to address the carnage of his party’s reign in the state.

“Osun State has progressed under Governor Adeleke’s administration, buoyed by the heart of dedication to good governance, transparency, and inclusive system”

“The future of Osun State hinges on a steadfast commitment to progress and positive change, not a regression to a troubled past. The APC faces a conspicuous lack of electoral prospects in 2026 and beyond and this is a dose of truth Basiru must take in intravenously before he wastes more of his idle calories on demented dreams of resurgence.

Hon. Sunday Bisi
State Chairman,
People’s Democratic Party
Osun State Chapter
October 13th, 2023