May 18, 2024

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Osun State Cabinet: Orolu people should remain calm, says Jide Akinyooye

Our attention has been drawn to the publication in the social media regarding the list of the purported list of the new Osun State Cabinet of which names of nominees from Orolu Local Government area are missing; we wish to categorically appeal to the members of Orolu public and sympathizers of ancient Ifon-Osun Kingdom to remain calm and hopeful that the story of Ifon-Orolu people will be totally changed from the previous usual marginalization situation; especially during the administration of Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke for the following reasons:
The circulated fake list of the new cabinet is not only fake but totally not in accordance with expectations of Orolu people at home and in the diaspora.

Orolu Local Government area is the ONLY local government area in Osogbo Federal Constituency without any substantive political position.

Orolu Local Government in in the boundary location of Osun State and deserve every attention that will aid security and social needs that can aid proper standard of living in Osogbo Federal Constituency and Osun State Capital as an entity.

Orolu Local Government people have resolved to stand behind the incumbent administration of Senator Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke. Hence, the administration cannot afford to disappoint Orolu people on expectations of considering their indigenes for the post of deserved State Commissioner and other key political positions.

The people of Orolu Local Government have been denied from holding key political positions on account of being loyal to the ruling political party. It is unarguable that Orolu Local Government was denied of being a member of Osun State Executive Council for the past 12 years for obvious reasons.

The Orolu Local Government Area was unjustifiably marginalized in terms of infrastructural provisions and other appointments into other key sectors.

The Orolu Stakeholders that includes Olufon Traditional Council of Chiefs, religious leaders, Olufon Royal Family, political leaders in collaboration with the national leadership of the Ifon-Orolu Progressive Union (IPU) have made all necessary consultations with the ruling political party in Osun State and a few highly respected personalities in Osun State and assurance were given that Orolu Local Government area appears to be one of the very few marginalized location in Osun State that deserves the best attention of the incumbent administration.

In conclusion, all the above facts justified that the purported list of the new cabinet of Executive Council members are not only fake but incomplete because it has never reflect the genuity of intention of the new administration in accordance with the outstanding electoral promises. Therefore, we are urging the people of Osun State to remain calm and ignore the antics of some wicked minds to project the good image of our people’ Governor in bad light.


Prince Jide Adelaja AKINYOOYE, ACA
(Secretary: Ifon-Orolu Progressive Union Board Of Trustees)