September 29, 2023

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Re: Payment of Pensioners, Both Contributory and Old Pensioners in Osun

It has come to the attention of the Local Government Staff Pension Bureau, Osun State, a distorted information about the payment of retirees, both those in contributory and old pension schemes in Osun State.

As an agency of government who is saddled with the responsibility of payment of pension and gratuity, we would have ignored the article signed by one Mr Awodele Olusola Abiodun, who claimed to be the State Chairman of the Osun State Contributory Pensioners, but for the sake of the Innocent readers who may want to believe the piece, hence our resolve to make to the public what this administration has done regarding the payment of pensioners in the state.

To set the record straight, the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke has not reneged in his promises regarding the welfare of the people of Osun, most especially, the workers and our senior citizens (Pensioners).

Mr Awodele claimed that the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke has refused to cashback their promotion letter from 2015 to 2022. This is far from the truth. This government has placed Osun workers in their respective levels with financial commitment. We don’t know where Mr Awodele got his information from.

On the issue of payment of both the contributory pensioners and old pensioners in the state, with effect from 28th November, 2022 till date.

Here is the breakdown:

*** Monthly Pension (Old Pension Scheme) – Three billion naira (N3 billion).

*** Primary School Teachers – Two billion, nine hundred and sixteen million, two hundred and twenty-four thousand, three hundred and forty-one naira and thirty kobo (N2,916,224,341: 30).

*** Local Government Staff Pensioners – One billion, Sixty-two million, Four Hundred and Sixty-nine thousand, Seven hundred and Forty-three naira, Eighty-six Kobo (N1,062,469,743 : 86).

Death Benefits:

*** Primary School Teachers – Three hundred and Twenty-four million, Two hundred and Eighty-nine thousand, Five hundred and Ninety naira, Sixty-two Kobo (N324,289,590 : 62)

*** Local Government Staff Pensioners – Nine-six million, One hundred and Eighty-one thousand, Thirty-two naira, Ninety-two Kobo (N96,181,032 : 92)

Monthly Pension (Contributory Pension)

*** Primary School – One billion, Eighty-three million,One hundred and Ninety-seven thousand,two hundred and Sixty-five naira, Thirty-six Kobo (N1,083,197,265:36)

*** Local Government Staff Pensioners – Six hundred and One million, Seven hundred and Seventy-four thousand, Thirty-two naira, Thirty-two kobo (N601,774,032:32)

Presentation of bond certificates:
*** Primary School – One billion, Nine hundred and Eleven million, Three hundred and Seventy thousand, Two hundred and Eleven naira, Forty-four Kobo (N1,911,370,211:44)

*** Local Govt Staff Pensioners – Seven hundred and Eight million, Forty-one thousand, Three hundred and Seventy-eight naira, Ninety-seven Kobo (N708,041,378:97)

We want to advise Mr Awodele to please desist from spewing lies to the public. If he needs any further information about the payment of retirees in Osun State, he should feel free to come to our office, Osun State Govt Secretariat.

Mr Ibrahim Akibu
Permanent Secretary,
Local Government Staff Pension Bureau,
Osun State