September 29, 2023

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Save Us From Land Grabbers, Osun Residents Appeals To Gov Adeleke

Iludun Community, Osogbo Local government area of Osun State has appealed to the state governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke to salvage the residents and landowners of the community from land grabbers.

According to a source that pleads anonymity, the land grabbers who demolished structures in the community on Thursday, September 14, were headed by one ‘D Law’ and flanked by Bashiru Owolabi of Olugun compound, Akeem Eleja, Muideen Ajibola of Oluawo compound and others who are yet to be identified.

“They all came with a large number of hoodlums. They forcefully demolished people’s structures. They went ahead to beat some elderly people and destroyed people’s phones. They even blocked other people from gaining access to their own houses.

“If this thugs and land grabbers are not checked on time, they may go out of hands, which may lead to serious crises.
Surely they are been backed or sponsored by unscrupulous element in the society. And they must be checked by government..”

“We made a distress call to Nigeria Police Station here in Iludun, but the officers there could not help us.

“We want to beg Governor Ademola Adeleke to save us from these people. He is the only one who can help us from these people.”

“Ministry of Land and Physical Planning has said that claimed these pieces of lands under dispute are not developable, yet these people defy the ministry’s instructions and came with thugs to forcefully acquire the land. They were saying the government is not working or using the land anymore. Meanwhile, the ministry of lands states that if for any reason, the government no longer use an acquired land, it will be revert to the person(s) it was taken from and not land grabbers.”