November 29, 2023

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Shittu congratulates Oyetola on his appointment, describes him a competent man

I am delighted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to His Excellency Gboyega Oyetola on his appointment as the head of the newly established Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy. This appointment is a testament to your outstanding leadership qualities, your expertise in finance and insurance, and your unwavering commitment to the development of Nigeria.

As a trusted and tested leader and a poli-tecnocrat, I have no doubt that you will use this office to drive the Nigerian economy and revenue forward. Your vast experience in the public and private sectors has prepared you well for this task, and I am confident that you will deliver on the promises of the the president.

The establishment of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy brings with it promising opportunities for Nigeria’s economic growth. With your leadership, I believe that we can tap into the vast potential of our marine resources to create jobs, boost exports, and increase revenue for the government, the establishment of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy is a clear indication of the government’s commitment to diversifying the Nigerian economy and reducing our over-dependence on oil. This move is in line with global trends, as many countries are now looking to the blue economy as a source of sustainable economic growth.

As we look forward to the positive impact that this ministry will bring, under your capable leadership, we anticipate that it will create new opportunities for Nigerian entrepreneurs and businesses, particularly those in coastal communities. The development of marine resources such as fisheries, aquaculture, and offshore oil and gas will undoubtedly generate employment opportunities and boost economic activity in these areas, the blue economy offers immense potential for innovation and technology development. As the head of this ministry, I speak for Nigerians who want you to prioritize research and development in this sector, with a focus on sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

In conclusion, I once again congratulate you on your appointment sir and wish you every success in your new role. The nation eagerly anticipates the positive impact that this ministry will bring under your capable leadership, propelling Nigerians towards a future marked by success and prosperity with sustainable development.