May 18, 2024

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What to know about Lanre Odelade, his roles in Osun PDP 

Nothing defines a serious minded politician than consistency and capacity to galvanize diverse interests for progress driven goals.
The new birth in the politics of Osun State clearly marks out political actors who have exhibited these potentials in their various constituencies and areas of influence.

The victory of Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, and other candidates in the various stages of the election did point to hardwork and commitment of stakeholders in the Peoples Democratic Party to turn things around for the party and people of Osun State.

One of these party leaders is Olanrewaju Sarafa Odelade, a Chieftaincy holder.
So-honoured by his people with the title of Asipa of Ikoyi Kingdom for his commitment and dedication to the progress and wellbeing of his people and for an unceasing resolve to place his Isokan Ayedaade Constituency in the front burner of political reckoning in Osun State.

Who is this enterprising young man and how has he navigated the political waters to stamp his image in the minds of his constituents?
Chief Lanre Odelade parades impressive resume for any responsible public officer.

He is sufficiencly educated, with academic and professional credentials, as well as an unblemished career record that can sell his personality for political positions and assignments.

Born 12th January 1970, in Ikoyi, headquarters of Isokan South Local Government of Osun State, Chief Lanre Odelade attended Ansarudeen Primary School Ayepe – Gbongan, for his foundation Education and was admitted at Orogun Grammar School Orogun, where he obtained his Secondary School Certificate in 1985.

He was a student of Ogun State Polytechnic Abeokuta, for his National and Higher National Diploma Certificates in Business Administration from 1990-1993 before being matriculated at Nigeria’s Premier University of Ibadan for his Master’s Degree in Industrial and personnel Relations in 2008.

The Industrial and Business Administration expert successfully horned himself for a rewarding career in the private and public sectors, as Stores Officer at Interworld Nigeria Limited and was later appointed as Labour Officer in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment and functions in that capacity in the past twenty two years.
Lanre’s interest in politics is anchored on the experience of human and material resources co- ordination which his private and public career strides have provided.

His foray into politics is significantly tied to community development.
In this sphere, the politician has exhibited his skills in human resource mobilization and management for collective goals. When asked why he chose the political turf, reputed for its avalanche of intrigues, shenaniganisms and crisis, Lanre Odelade’s response is not unmindful of those hurdles and challenges but that of a politician who is prepared to take up the gauntlet and pursue the goal of democratic leadership.
He has not wavered in supporting the Peoples’ Democratic Party which he elected to belong.

In responding to Journalists questions, as such touch on efforts to ensure the sustenance of his party’s electoral victory, Chief Lanre Odelade recalled his devotion and financial contributions to the People’s Democratic Party before, during and after the Electoral Tsunami that swept the All Progressive Congress from power in all parts of the State.

“Quoting him…..” “I did my little best to support my party at all levels particularly in my home town of Ikoyi before and during the Governorship and National Assembly elections in July, 2022”.

The political leader and financier is however of the opinion that the success of the PDP is a Symbiotic Effort of Stakeholders, members and the good people of Osun State who believed in the capability of Governor Ademola Adeleke to end the rule of Impunity imposed on Osun State for twelve years.

He is optimistic that the impressive start of Governor Ademola Adeleke in office is a loud Indication of more bests to come to Osun, the State of the Living Spring.