May 18, 2024

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Youth Advisory Council Congratulates Chief of Staff Akinleye on His Birthday

The Youth Advisory Council to the Governor of Osun State, under the leadership of Adekunle Ademola-Sadipe, extends heartfelt congratulations to Alhaji Kazeem Akinleye, Chief of Staff to the Governor of Osun State, on the occasion of his birthday today.

Alhaji Akinleye, a dedicated public servant renowned for his exemplary leadership skills, has played a vital role in shaping the development paradigm in Osun State. His innovative approach towards governance, coupled with a sincere commitment to empowering the youth, has earned him admiration and respect from all quarters.

As the Chief of Staff, Alhaji Akinleye has been a catalyst for positive change, championing inclusive policies that recognize the potential and aspirations of the youth. Under his stewardship, the state has witnessed significant progress in several key sectors, including education, health, and infrastructure development.

The Youth Advisory Council acknowledges and appreciates Alhaji Akinleye’s unwavering support for the youth of Osun State. His guidance and mentorship have paved the way for young people to actively contribute to the state’s growth and development. By creating platforms for engagement and amplifying the voices of the youth, he has demonstrated his firm belief in their ability to drive meaningful change.

The Youth Advisory Council, highlighted Alhaji Akinleye’s dedication and service to the people. “Alhaji Akinleye’s leadership has been instrumental in building a bridge between the government and the vibrancy of the youth,” he stated. “His commitment to fostering an inclusive environment has empowered us to realize our potential and contribute to the sustainable development of our beloved Osun State.”

The Youth Advisory Council wishes Alhaji Akinleye a joyous birthday celebration filled with love and well-deserved recognition for his outstanding achievements. As he commemorates another year of life, we stand united in expressing our profound gratitude for his leadership, inspiration, and unwavering support for the youth.


Adekunle Ademola-Sadipe

Opeyemi Oladunjoye (Oprah)